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My Mission for Inclusion

I’m Katie and I’m the founder of Dark Sky Sleepovers and 'Inclusion 101 - An Autistic’s Guide to Inclusion' 

My goal is to ensure that every child is in an environment where they are THRIVING, not just surviving!

My question to you is, do you want the same?  If the answer is 'yes' then read on to find out why and how I can help your family, school or organisation.

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My Story

In 2020, my neurodivergence was confirmed!  I am very proud to be autistic/ADHD!


Receiving my diagnosis helped solve a lot of unanswered questions - the feelings of isolation and being different that I’d had all my life, 25 years at that point, suddenly made sense!

Like many autistic people, I’ve struggled in school and the workplace - often with my own struggles being highlighted as the problem, rather than the difficulties presented to me, being in a world not built for my brain.

I also watched others facing the same inequality, and lack of understanding.

This spurred me on to start my own business offering inclusive, immersive, sensory sleepovers and events that make EVERYONE feel included.  I have been creating sleepover magic inside North East homes and community events since July 2021 and the feedback has been amazing.  Clients notice my attention to detail, inclusive mindset and sensory knowledge.

Along the way I received lots of questions and requests for help from the people I was coming into contact with: parents, teachers, business owners, including other neurodivergent people and those supporting a neurodivergent person.  I found that people really valued me sharing my real, lived experience as a neurodivergent person in a neurotypical world.  

It's an important moment for children when they hear someone tell them, “This is Katie and she is autistic like you.”  I can see things from their perspective, and I know how it feels to feel ‘different’.  I’m also proof that ‘different’ can be great!  

Technical jargon has its place - but what’s missing in schools and homes is real life training, from real life humans, with real life experience.  At my training sessions you can expect practical, no nonsense, clear advice and strategies to improve the quality of life in your schools, businesses and homes; not only for the people you support, but for yourself too.

I listen and I can communicate in an authentic, practical way, articulating things that can be difficult to explain or understand without lived experience.

I have been, and still am, part of the whirlwind that can be life with a neurodivergent member of the family or group, in fact, 9 times out of 10 I AM the whirlwind!  BUT I have developed a variety of strategies, tips and techniques for improving sensory regulation and understanding of the challenges your neurodivergent person faces.  

I want to share these and make a difference to people’s lives, so that others don’t have to struggle the way myself and my family have.

My aim is to spread my message of inclusion and to help people make practical changes that will create a more inclusive and harmonious environment.  

This is why is created Inclusion 101.

Inclusion 101 Services

Tailored presentations and workshops - for schools, organisations and businesses.  

These are engaging and interactive sessions for small/medium groups to help you develop a better understanding of the challenges school or work can present for neurodivergent people, how they might show this and what you can do to achieve a more inclusive environment that works for everyone.


You will go away with a host of practical tips, tools and activities as well as improved confidence, which will make a tangible difference to you and the person/s you support.


1/2 Day Training starts at £150

Full Day Training starts at £250


1:1 sessions in the home – these are friendly, informal sessions, full of practical advice and bespoke to your family.

Unfortunately, a lot of parents/teachers to autistic children, don't know any autistic adults. Many speak about facing the unknown, in terms of their child’s future; having the chance to meet successful autistic adults, like myself, allows them to realise the opportunities available to their children, when given the correct support.

I can help you find the ways to connect with your child that work best for your family, advise on tools/methods to help them regulate and be a safe space for you/your child to voice any challenges being faced, without judgement.

I can help you/your neurodivergent child find ways to express how you feel.

The result is a calmer, happier home environment for everyone.

Inclusion 101 training

If you would like to discuss Inclusion 101 and how it could work for your family, school or organisation, please contact me for a chat.

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